What are the days your company operate?

Choose anytime between 8am and 3pm from Monday to Sunday.  We work 7 days a week


Who provides the supplies?

Our team will bring all their own supplies (eco-friendly) and equipment. If there are any products you would prefer us to use (e.g. for wood floors) feel free to let us know and we can use any supplies you leave out for us.


What does it cost to clean my house?

We operate on a flat rate per hourly basis given the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home, condition of the house, when was the last clean, what type of cleaning that is required.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We only accept credit/debit cards or direct deposit to your bank account. Our online payments are processed by Square. Booking through Yoursidekick webiste is safe and secure and we guarantee this. Any unauthorised charges that are made to your card as a result of doing business with us will be fully refunded.


Do I have to contact you to organise each recurring clean?

After you set up recurring service, we’ll be there like clockwork on the date and time you choose. We will send a reminder email the day before so you’ll have a heads up.


What is included in your Deep Clean?

Our deep clean service is designed to make your home having a more detailed clean after it hasn’t seen a mop for a few weeks. It includes cleaning inside cabinets and drawers, fixtures, inside the fridge, all baseboards, etc. We charge an extra $90 to account for the additional time required for this service. Please note this is not a bond clean.


How long will it take to clean my house?

We usually estimate 1 hour per bedroom in the house, but we do not specify a length of service. We clean until we are finished for a standard home and within reason. For special cases like hoarders, or extremely large homes, we may adjust the estimate for fairness. This will be discussed with you prior to the clean commencing. Other factors like the number of people around at the time of the service and how easy it is to access everything play a role. 


Do I have to be home for the clean?

Not at all, you can just leave us a key to gain entry and we will take it from there. You can leave a key under the mat, in the mailbox, at the front-desk if you like in an apartment…what ever is most convenient for you. Please just add the location of the key when make booking with us. 


How many cleaners do you send?

Our partners work in singles and pairs. For larger homes we do try to ensure there is two cleaners performing the clean. 


What's included in general clean?

Throughout the property:

  • Vacuuming floors

  • Washing hard floors

  • General furniture, skirtings & window sill dusting

  • Mirrors cleaned

  • Bins Emptied

  • Laundry sink


  • Bench tops & tile area

  • Sink, basin & taps

  • Stove top

  • Microwave inside & outside

Bathroom(s) & Toilet(s):

  • Toilet(s) – cleaned & sanitised

  • Tile areas & vanity units

  • Sink basin & taps, bath(s) & taps

  • Shower area including shower head, taps & screens

We clean work surfaces, sinks, floors and skirting. We will even clean mirrors and empty your bins as part of the service. If there is anything you need, just let us know. We are very flexible and we endeavour to follow your instructions in order provide a tailored and comprehensive cleaning service which you will love.

In addition, if you would like specific items cleaned, such as your fridge or oven, ask us for a free, no obligation quote


What's included in Deep clean?


Empty Rubbish Bins
Vacuum Carpet
Sweep & Mop Floors
Clean Mirrors
Cobweb Removal
Baseboard Detail
Detail Doors/ Door Framesl
Spot Clean Walls


Dust Cabinet Doors
Clean Countertops
Vacuum Area Rugs
Inside Cabinet Cleaning
Scrub & Clean Toilets
Scrub & Clean Showers/Tubs
Scrub & Clean Sinks
Clean Shower Door


Stove Top
Wipe Clean Microwave
Wipe Large Kitchen Appliances
Clean Countertops
Scrub and Disinfect The Sink